Zero resetting - V2

Zero-resetting: check of the hands holding


This equipment enables the activation of the functions Start, Stop and Reset on watch heads and movements. Three electrical actuators allow the activation of the different functions. The activation force is measured and tolerance thresholds can be configured. This equipment ensures the good assembly of cases and movements.


A plate system (10 or 20 positions), with quick locking and extraction handle, ensures an easy interchangeability of the elements to test. Each plate has a specific coding that will select appropriate set up automatically.

The software developed for this equipment allows to make different kind of tests and to save different programmes according to the needs.


Technical data

 10 positions version
20 positions version
Number of sensors 3 3
Max. force 60 N 60 N
Precision +/- 20 % +/- 20 %
Interface Touchscreen Touchscreen
Connection 230 V - 100 W 230 V - 100 W
Dimensions (l x w x h) 750 x 480 x 245 mm 900 x 700 x 250 mm
Weight 37 kg 65 kg