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These units have been designed for incorporation into rotating automatic transport or assembly machines. Their features and size are ideal for constructing particularly compact and rapid assemblies.

However, the addition of a larger top plate can increase their dimensional capacity without in any way reducing their efficiency. Rotation of the table is controlled by a rack and pinion mechanism fixed to a movable driver. A hydraulic shock absorber incorporated into the rack neutralises jarring at the end of the rotation. Rotation speeds are adjusted independently by flow rate controllers directly mounted on the unit. These tables have fine pitch stop screws made of hardened steel.

Two dimensions are available: TPP90 and TPP150


Technical data




Number of positions 2-3-4-6-8-12 2-3-4-6-8-12-16-24
Direction of rotation Clockwise, counterclockwise, bidirectional Clockwise, counterclockwise, bidirectional
Angular accuracy 30'' 20''
Flatness of rotation 0,01 mm 0,01 mm
Load moment of inertia 0,008 kg.m2 0,08 kg.m2
Torque 1,2 Nm 4 Nm
Static load 1500 N 3000 N
Working pressure 3-6 bar 3-6 bar
Net weight 2 kg 7,9 kg




After-sales service

Our components come with a 12-month guarantee, and we offer an after-sales service that includes overhaul or preventive maintenance of the equipment on our premises.