Electrical rotary tables

Unimec SA conceived these electric rotating tables for an integration in automatic rotating machines, for transport and assembly where precision and dynamism are asked.


Advantages :

  • Compact design
  • Precision
  • Speed
  • High load


Technical data



Dimensions Ø62 x 59 mm Ø62 x 63 mm
Rotation flatness 15 µm 15 µm
Repeatability ± 5 arcsec ± 5 arcsec
Precision ± 70 arcsec ± 70 arcsec
Speed 300 rpm 300 rpm
Nominal rotation torque 0,2 Nm 0,2 Nm
Peak rotation torque 0,55 Nm 0,55 Nm
Maximum axial force 120 N 5000 N
Interface Digital I/O, Modbus RS485, Ethernet Digital I/O, Modbus RS485, Ethernet
Weight 0,6 kg 0,6 kg


Order example

After-sales service

Our components come with a 12-month guarantee and we offer an after-sales service that includes overhaul or preventive maintenance of the equipment on our premises.