ASDI 500

ASDI 500

The ASDI 500, is the first machine to automatically separate synthetics and simulants from batches of melee as small as 0.50 mm! 

Developed to protect the integrity of the watch and jewellery industry, the ASDI 500 automatically sorts very large quantities of batches of round colourless polished melee, detects and extracts synthetics and simulants from among the natural diamonds. The ASDI 500 is the only such system operating today that has the degree of precision to handle stones as small as 0.50 mm (500 microns - hence the name) to 5.00 mm in diameter at an unmatched speed of 850 stones per hour.

Simply place the batch - several thousand diamonds - in the hopper, enter the analysis data (weight, batch reference, etc.) on the touch screen and click "START". The analysis cycle begins with an automated internal calibration - taking less than a minute - on a reference diamond included in the instrument. All analysis results are stored and can be retrieved at any time.

Refer rate < 1%.

Analysis is optimized by our extremely fast BE66 robot with a positioning accuracy of 5 microns. It automatically counts and places all analysed stones in one of the bins: "natural,"refer", "imitation" or "not analysed".

Developed in collaboration with the Swiss Gemological Institute - SSEF, the ASDI 500 is manufactured and commercialized by UNIMEC SA.


Technical data

 Dimensions  653 x 565 x 844 mm 
 Weight 98.0 Kg 
 Sorting speed 850 stones per hour 
 Voltage 110 - 230 V / 50 Hz / 13 A 
 Diameter of stones 0.50 mm up to 5.00 mm 
 Max. diameter divergence in a batch +/- 0.05 mm