Test of little shock and vibration resistance

Vibratest proposes to constrain time pieces to different kinds of vibrations. The machine includes a cold unit for motor's cooling, that pushes back test limits.

Equipped with a linear motor, this machine simulates coming and going movements with a payload up to 3 kg. It is possible to reach accelerations up to 25G. Frequency, amplitude and waveform are customizable.


Technical data

Shocks acceleration up to 25 G
Frequency range from 1 to 55 Hz
Amplitude range from 1 to 100 mm
Number of supports 9
Waveform sinusoïdal, square
Interface 1 x RS232
Connection 230 V
Dimensions (l x w x h) 1'040 x 700 x 1'540 mm
Weight 290 kg



  • Support for watches and watchstraps
  • 5'000 G Accelerometer