Watch winding - V2

Automatic and manual watch winding

This device allows the automatic winding of watches or movements in series by way of the crown. All the watches (10 maximum) are placed on a rotary table.

The plate is adjustable to each form of case or movement. An automatic recognition allows to attribute parameters to the plate. It is possible to have up to 31 different programmed pates.

Rotation speed, rotations number and torque limits of the crown can be configured, which enables this device to be adapted to your mechanisms at best. With the coupling system, the crown is pressed correctly, without any risk of damage.


Technical data

Maximum torque from 10 to 100 mN.m
Winding speed from 1 to 120 r.p.m.
Type of movement winding by crown: automatic & manual
Number of positions 10 maximum
Interface touchscreen
Connection 230 V - 60 W
Dimensions (l x w x h) 600 x 400 x 240 mm
Weight 32 kg