FreeFall - V2

Test of free fall shock resistance

According to ISO1413-standard, this equpment enables to expose watches to free fall in order to test their shock resistance.

Watch is placed on a pivoting trap door. A spring system enables to fold up the trap door and to avoid any perturbation during the test. Drop height is adjustable from 200 to 1'060 mm.

Equipment is assembled on a cast iron base, which guarantees machine stability and shock repeatability.

This equipment does not require any electric or pneumatic connection. A manually operated trigger enables the user to run the fall.

As an option, a measuring system enables the user to qualify the shocks according to different heights of fall. This measuring system includes an accelerometer, an oscilloscope and an analysis software.


Technical data

Fall height from 200 to 1'060 mm
Dimensions (l x w x h) 350 x 350 x 1'250 mm
Weight 57 kg
Trap door dimensions 90 x 140 mm



  • Measuring system
  • Delrin protection