Electric rotating transport arms

Unimec electric rotating transport arms perform very high speed movements and easily attain effective working speeds of over 60 cycles/min. These rotary manipulators stand out with the high repeatability of their sequences on the vertical and horizontal planes.


The electromechanical conception of this equipment completely eliminates any backlash. The motors are driven by two servomotors independently or simultaneously.


Technical data

Angle of rotation (°) > 360
Vertical stroke (mm) 50 max
Speed/Rotating mvmt. (rev/sec) > 2,5
Speed/Vertical mvmt. (mm/sec) > 300
Repeatability/Rotating mvmt. (") > 20
Repeatability/vertical mvmt. (mm) 0,01
Load of inertia (kg.m2) 0,02
Working speed (cyle/sec) > 1
Motor rating (W) 100
Power supply 220 VAC 50Hz



Interface RS485
Logic inputs (24 V) 24 (128 max)
Logic outputs (24 V) 24 (128 max)
Analog inputs (0.5V 8 bits) 1
Analog outputs (V 0..10 V) 1
Power supply (V) 220