Electric manipulator robots - V2

New generation fully electric robot BE66 combines precision, repeatability, high working rate and flexibility.

It provides an effective solution for handling, transport or sorting of components in various sectors: watch industry, microtechnology, medical industry or electronics.

With its compact design, this unit is totally interchangeable with pneumatic unit BP66 (including power supply). 



Two programming modes available:

  • standard mode with programming interface directly integrated in the unit
    This mode offers a flexible and intuitive use. Cycles are handled either by automation or by external PC via in/out.

  • advanced mode with programming by external interface
    This mode allows to do more complicated cycles by keeping flexibility, repeatability and precision.


Technical data

Repeatability +/- 5 µm
Working rate  up to 150 cycles/min
 Dimensions 66 x 120 x 226 mm
 Weight 2,2 kg

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