Components positioning solutions - V2

Custom-made and complete solutions for manipulation, sorting, control and placement of components


Our experience in automation field as well as our skills in the realisation of special projects allow us to respond efficiently to particular requests of our customers.

We know how to put into practice our know-how in various fields. Thar is why we are able to offer you custom-made solutions which are totally adapted to your needs in feeding and sorting of all types of components (watch parts for instance).


The above equipment conditions various references of watch components on pallets. The components are fed and oriented by our UniFeed system. The vision device performs recognition and dimensional control of the parts. These will be moved by gripping using PV315 pressure and vacuum unit mounted on the BE66 manipulator robot, which handles and transfers them. These components are then packaged in pallets by an automated input and output palletizing system.


The above equipment positions different references of watch components on steel work plates. Watchmaking components are loaded into a hopper with a capacity of 1000 pieces and automatically unloaded onto a UniFeed type sorting module. The vision device locates the parts and defines their direction for the BE66 robot, which takes them to transfer them to workplates. The positioning of the plates is ensured by an automatic device.