Linearachse mit Linearmotor - AML68

AML68 - linear axis with linear motor

Especially developed for challenging applications, the AML68 ensures dynamism, accuracy, power, rigidity and long life.

It's compact design enables it's insertion in the most difficult spaces. Moreover, its stroke of 60mm to 1200mm gives it an additional advantage.

Combined with our Uni-Drive 4805-010, the system is quick and easy to integrate.

Precision, repeatability and positioning stability are guaranteed by an absolute encoder and a latest generation optical ruler.


2 possibilities of connectivity

  • The connectivity is over-molded on the module, the space requirement is minimal.
  • The connectivity is ensured by a single cable with an adjustable connector.


  • End stops integrated on the module or remote on the customer application.
  • Cross axis mounting without adapter plate.
  • Axis length according to customer's specific request up to 1200 mm.


Données techniques

  AML68/60 AML68/100 AML68/220 AML68/300 AML68/700
Course 60 mm 100 mm 220 mm 300 mm 700 mm
Longueur totale 175 mm 215 mm 335 mm 415 mm 815 mm
Largeur / hauteur 93/44 mm
Force continue 68 N
Force peak 204 N
Poids slider 1.04 Kg
Résolution de positionnement +/-50 nm