Mikrotechnischer Zusammenbau

Our solutions

They are the result of the combination and intergration of all our skills ans know-how.

They are built on the basis and compatibility of UNIMEC components such as robots, feeders, linear motors, vacuum/pressure technology, servo presses, drive, software and vision.

Our microtechnical assembly solutions meet the requirements of the market: durability of the components, software compatibility, remote maintenance as well as modularity and adpatation to the needs of our customers.

Our solutions allow the assembly of watch components such as:

  • Plates, bridges
  • Pinions, wheels, jewels, pins, screw bases, etc.

Accuracy and speed

  • Bulk loading of components
  • Location, orientation and sorting of components by vision
  • Component transfer via 4-axis robots (BE66)
  • Assembly by servo press or pneumatic press
  • User-friendly human-machine interface
  • Export of production monitoring via computer network


Technical data 

Driving accuracy±5 µm
Strength of drivingup to 2000 N
Accuracy of positioning±2 µm
Energy230V / 5 bars
Dimensions (l x d x h)1'300 x 720 x 1'500 mm

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