Watchstrap ageing


This device enables accelerated ageing of watchstrap with or without watch head. Cycles are composed of traction, compression, torsion, alone or combined. Equipment is run with a special software that allows the user to create its own testing cycles.


With the series of available supports, several applications are possible.

- simulation of leather/rubber watchstrap wearing (tongue buckle)

- simulation of steel watchstrap wearing (folding buckle)

- tightening pliers for samples

- a set support/pliers.


It is possible to adjust the temperature of working area in order to make accelerated ageings in conditions as close as possible to reality.


In case of rupture of the aged element, the device detects it and puts an end to the ageing cycle. The user can know the rupture value.


Traction and compression are applied with a pneumatic cylinder. Torsion is made by a motor. During the test, a sensor enables to record the torque value according to angle.


Two possible operational modes:
- by angle: torsion defined by angular values, and following of torque evolution according to angle.
- by torque: torsion defined by a torque (Nm), and following of angle evolution according to torque.

Technical data

1 head version
3 heads version
Maximum force in traction
200 N (high-force : 750)
200 N (high-force : 750)
Maximum force in compression
250 N (high-force : 850)
250 N (high-force : 850)
Maximum torque
N.m (high-force : 4)
N.m (high-force : 4)
Angle of rotation
± 360°
± 360°
Temperature of the area
From room temperature to 55°C From room temperature to 55°C
external PC
external PC
Connection 230 V - 100 W
230 V - 100 W
Dimensions (l x w x h)
750 x 450 x 350 mm
750 x 650 x 330 mm
32 kg
75 kg


Complete tools set for 1 head version

Complete tools set for 3 heads version

Storage unit for 3 heads version

Traction_Torsion_1_tête_08.png   Traction_Torsion_1_tête_04.png   /pic/traction_torsion_1_tete_07-png/3709


More information in our technical data sheets: