Ageing and measuring on watchstrap clasp

This equipment is dedicated to ageing and measuring of watchstrap clasp. With its conception and its micrometric adjustment, this device can be adapted precisely and qucikly to all main existing types of clasp.

The clasp is fixed flat on the machine. Opening is made by three pneumatic actuators: two actuators trigger lateral buttons, then an actuator opens the clasp.

Clasp closing is made by a motorised measuring head that integrates a force sensor and that enables to measure the force and position of closing. Evolution of force/position can be observed with statistical charts. This measuring head is vertically assembled on the equipment. Maximum limits can be defined. This equipment also enables to measure lateral buttons in the same way as clasp closing.

Clasp is fixed on a special support printed in 3D. This conception allows the user to quickly develop its own supports.

It is possible to programme the cycle differently according to tested parts. Approach position, cycles number, cycle time and actuator travel are programmable. This equipment enables to save programs as well as different clasp types. It is also possible to save and extract the results of carried out tests.

Technical Data

Number of tested pieces
Actuator travel
18 mm
Mesurable force
± 50 N with ± 1% E.M.
Adjustable actuator speed
from 0.1 to 15 mm/s
Exploitation of results
force/position curve
230 V - 60 W / 3 bars
28 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h)
450 x 420 x 555 mm


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  test_fermoir_01_web-png  /pic/test_fermoir_05_web-png




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