Accelerated ageing

Accelerated ageing device for movements and watch components

This equipment is dedicated to accelerated ageing of movements by hand driving, of crown or oscillating mass. It also allows ageing of various watch components.

Possible ageing examples:

- by watch hand
- by crown
- by oscillating mass
- of cannon-pinion
- of rotating bezel
- of barrel
- of hour counter
- by mass bearing
- automatic winding

This device has 5 independent motorised rotary supports, which enable to test different watch components or movements.

A tooling with micrometric adjustment is especially dedicated to ageing by hand driving.

A tooling is proposed to make ageing tests by crown or by oscillating mass.

An universal tooling allows to carry out ageing tests on all kinds of movements.

Rotation direction, rotation speed, rotations number and pause time are configurable in a sequence. It is also possible to run a camera trigger via this sequence (option).

Programming is made from a PC. Software enables to save cycles, but also to print the sequence for each support.

A control screen enables to run the different supports independently or in synchrony. It is possible to start the cycle, to interrupt (pause) or to stop it.

In order to simulate ageing in various conditions, this device can be placed on 4 different sides.

Technical Data

Number of supports
Rotation speed
from 0,1 to 180 r.p.m.
Rotation direction
1 x USB 2.0
230 V - 60 W
Dimensions (l x w x h)
500 x 170 x 290 mm
9 kg

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More information in our technical data sheets: