Uni-Drive 4805-010

Servo controller Uni-Drive 4805-010

Compact and powerful, the Uni-Drive 4805-010 allows the control of medium power motors such as servo-motors, steppers, DC motors and linear motors.

Multifunctional, it can be extended to the devices for a complete motorisation management. It includes in particular different types of encoders and sensors to ensure high performance control of the system.

Perfectly intergrated into the UNIMEC SA product range, the UNI-DRIVE 4805-010 is the most suitable tool for the control of our products such as :

  • TE66
  • AML68
  • UNIMEC servo press


Additional measurement card for connecting force, torque sensors etc.


Technical data

Status indicatorLED
Type of motorservo-motors / stepper / DC motors / linear motors
Digital input and output (customisable)7x24 VDC Inputs / Outputs
Digital input6x24 VDC Inputs
Digital output4x24 VDC Outputs
Security input1x24 VCC Input
Firmware updateModbus RS45
Network interfaceEthernet Ip, RS485, Ethercat (2024)
Logic feed24 VDC / 100 mA
Motor supply24-48 VDC
EncoderDual TTL / Biss 
Nominal current In100mA 
Peak current4.5A 
Dimensions102 x 143 x 310.4 
Weight0.4 Kg 

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