Filling machine

Assembly of watch components by driving technique
The transport arms on this equipment bring different kinds of components under the press. The X-Y Table positions the place to be filled under the press.


With feeding systems by bowl feeders, UniFeed, palettes and tubes, this equipment can assemble up to 12 components at the same time. It is composed of 4 handling arms and a press driven in position and force, and it can be used on a semiautomatic, automatic post or integrated into an assembly line.

Technical data

Driving precision
+/- 5 µm
Driving stroke
12 mm
Maximum driving force
200 N
Positioning precision
+/- 2 µm
Work area
40 x 40 mm
Connection 230 V - 160 W
Dimensions (l x w x h)
1'300 x 720 x 1'500 mm
240 kg



- automatic feeding of plates

- feeding of filling elements (UniFeed, vibrating bowl, palette, tube)

- repositioning by vision

- check of the aspect after assembly

- tools loader

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More information in our technical data sheets: