Dial feet welding

Semi-automatic welding machine for dial feet
This semi-automatic equipment is dedicated to welding of dial feet.

Two variants are available:
- semi-automatic: foot are supplied automatically; dial is loaded manually
- band welding: feet and dial are supplied automatically

This machine uses resistance welding technology.
A configurable servo press enables the user to optimally control the pressure of feet on the dial.

Positioning of feet is made thanks to a motorised cross table, which allows welding on every dial references with high precision.

Equipment is run and controlled via a HMI especially developed for this application. Welding profile is fully programmable: time, limit, double pulse, pressure force.
Voltage measure during welding enables to detect welding defects and to prevent electrode damages or flashs.

A device enables to disable the automatic supply of foot. This way it is possible to load them manually in order to make welding on prototypes or small-volume production.

Technical data
4 kA / 10 V / 25 kW
Welding programming
power / volt / intensity
Pressure force
from 0 to 50 N
230 V / 5 bars
340 kg
Dimensions (l x w x h)
1'605 x 815 x 1'850 mm


Machine de soudage de pieds_04.png   Machine de soudage de pieds_05.png



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