Cleaning machine Horotec Vibrato

With its modern and secure design, the fully automatic cleaning machine Horotec VIBRATO has been developed for cleaning movement components and any other small watch parts.
- Certified ATEX according to the European directive 94/9 EG (ATEX 95) in IIB T4 class

- Ensures maximum safety and allows the use of watchmakers solvents such as rectified benzine
- Its conception with 6 baths (including 1 adjustable ultrasonic tank) + forced air heating system offers unrivalled flexibility and efficiency

- The only machine enabling watchmakers to use it for washing, drying and epilame coating in 1 cycle. 


The several possibilities of movements of the basket and the speed adjustment from 1 up to 1200 rpm guarantee maximum care and efficiency.
The drying
process is optimized to avoid residues of "dry drops".

The machine is equipped with a 7" touch-screen display to manage all operations. Its intuitive and ergonomic presentation allows an easy-to-use interface by the operator.

The wash programming, baths management and various configurations are made directly on the touch-screen.

Ditto for the management of possible failures, which facilitates the after-sales service on-site by the user himself.
A USB2 input allows implementing configurations and wash programs remotely.


A rear exit is provided to connect the VIBRATO to an external exhaust or an active carbon filter.


Additional information :  

- Multi-lingual management
- Ideal machine for the production and the after-sales service

Technical data

Approval institute
 ATEX certification
 Number of baths
6 (including 1 ultrasound)
Drying station
 1 forced air station (adjustable up to 65° C)
Cleaning baskets
 Ø 80 mm, up to 5 baskets height 10 mm
Cleaning actions  Rotation, oscillation, vertical agitation, ultrasound
Rotation speed
 From 1 up to 1200 rpm
Vertical oscillation
Up to 10 mm, adjustable
50 W, 40 KHz adjustable from 10 to 100%, with "Sweep" function
 Turntable with 7 positions
 7" touch-screen display
Size W x D x H
480 x 480 x 860 mm
230 V or 115 V
63 kg